Here are some questions that may have come to mind as you think about your project. If you don’t find answers you need here, please write to steveng@techwritepublishing.com.

I’ve been working on a scrapbook that I’d like to put online. Can TechWrite help me with that?

Yes. Scan your photographs, or ask a local photography service to do it. Once images are in digital form, TechWrite helps with all the rest.

I have a mixture of family history, personal memoirs, compositions by my children or grandchildren, and miscellaneous pictures I’d like to include in my book. Is that possible?

Anything is possible, because it’s your book! You’ll want to plan your project to stay within your budget, but otherwise you can include as many different types of materials as you like.

What am going to do with twenty-five copies of my book?

Give them away, naturally! You can think of the book from the beginning as a gift, from  you to the other members of your family – ready for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, reunions, or any other family occasion. Friends who know you and your family well will appreciate a gift like that, too.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my book?

For ebooks, TechWrite corrects the problem free of charge. For printed copies, careful procedures assure that you are happy with the publication. Here you receive an advantage from TechWrite’s long experience with many kinds of publications, printed and electronic.

I have an autobiography that I think other people would be interested in. What if I want to sell my book on Amazon or elsewhere?

TechWrite is a book production outfit, so it does not market the books it produces. TechWrite can, however, assign an ISBN (required by Amazon), and place a bar code on the back cover. So, TechWrite can prepare your book for the marketplace.

I’ve never written a book before. I need an editor! Can TechWrite provide that service?

Yes, but editing can get expensive. Best is to ask people you trust to help with editing tasks. They’ll appreciate that you trust their judgment, knowledge, and skills. After you have had help, the final stages of editing are much easier.

I’m pretty experienced with digital publishing, but I don’t have the software I need to convert files to PDF. How can I get the lower price TechWrite offers when I submit my materials in a PDF file?

A number of online applications let you convert files for free. If you have a Word file, for instance, you can convert it to PDF at www.doc2pdf.net. Other sites are available.

Why can’t I submit my files as is and let TechWrite convert it to PDF?

Of course you can have that under Options 1 and 3. For Options 2 and 4, submitting your file as a PDF is your assurance that you would like to publish it exactly as is. That assurance results in a lower price.

What if I want something for the cover that’s inspired by my own family, but I can’t afford $500 and up for a professional graphics designer. What should I do?

You need a middle ground between a standard cover and an expensive designer. First, you can ask a young designer in your community to help you. Another route is to adapt your design from one that already exists. TechWrite can help with that.

What resources exist online to help me with my project?

Of course Google’s your best friend here. Type your question – How do I do such and such? – and Google will find a way. From time to time, TechWrite publishes a short article in Resources to help guide authors and editors through their projects.

Where can I find a sample of TechWrite’s work?

Most accessible is Childhood Dreams. Click Sample Project in the right sidebar to download the PDF. If you’d like a free paper copy of Childhood Dreams, please write to steveng@techwritepublishing.com and include your mailing address. When you see the book, you’ll see first-hand its attractive appearance and varied content. You’ll also grasp how you can produce the unusual and valued book you’ve thought about for so long.

What email procedures should I keep in mind when I communicate with TechWrite about my project?

First, send your files to TechWrite as email attachments. One file per message helps a lot. Second, include your project number in the subject line of each email message you send to TechWrite. Third, use one email address and inbox for all your correspondence with TechWrite. The rest will take care of itself.

What about file management? It seems things can get lost.

You’re right! Practice good file management at all times. Back up everything. When you send a file to TechWrite, label it and store it where you can easily retrieve it. When you receive a file from TechWrite, store the file where you won’t lose track of it. Use dates or version numbers to identify different versions. Then hope the rest takes care of itself.

We want to make publication of our family’s stories a group project. How does that work?

Designate a single point contact for all transactions with TechWrite. That’s the only way, we all know, to avoid catastrophic confusion.

How do I pay for my order?

Before your project goes to the printer, you’ll receive an itemized invoice from TechWrite via PayPal. You can pay the invoice by credit card whether or not you have a PayPal account. If you prefer to pay by check sent via regular mail, that option is available as well.

All the details required for this project seem too much. What should I do? How do I get started?

Take it easy and take it one step at a time. You already made a key move when you came to this site. TechWrite exists to help with book production so you can focus on content. We’ll assist you with project planning and advice, so you have something ready for production. To prepare the content, rely on selected members of your family. After all, they want to see their work preserved in print just as much as you do!

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